Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Silence Your Cell Phones Before the Movie Begins…

And by “movie” I mean sex!

We were literally on our way to the bedroom to have some hot steamy blog-worthy sex…when my dad called, which almost ruined the whole show.  

I think fate wasn’t really on our side last night because my father (a widower of 6 months) called to tell me that he is starting to date again. Wonderful! And when I called to tell my sister, she told me she has known this for weeks, and just hasn’t gotten around to telling me yet. Even better! So needless to say, it was a pretty shitty movie.

This definitely delayed the screening a few hours, but the show still went on.  My husband and I really wanted to fulfill our first “assignment,” but it just didn’t start until after midnight. My good sport husband (who wished he had turned my cell phone off last night), took out my small vibrator and started using it on my clit.  I started to get myself worked up, but I pretty much decided from the get go I wasn’t going to cum, but I felt like we should still have sex.

I was laying on my stomach and my husband tried to enter me from the back, but it wasn’t happening.  I don’t know if he’s too big or I’m too tight, but that seems to happen a lot. So, I flipped over onto my back (feeling quite like a flapjack at this point) and he stood at the edge of the bed with my feet on his shoulders and he slipped inside.

During some normal “sex talk” a few words about the earlier events of the night popped out.  Which, surprisingly enough, talking about your dad’s “social life” kinda ruins the mood.  Who knew!?

Which led to my husband and I having a mini fight mid-coitus.

He pulled out, but not wanting to give up (and possibly having my own orgasm) I “persuaded” him to slide back in. When he did, it really started to burn inside. Not sure why, does this happen to anyone else?  I’d really love to know.

Well anyway, I played through the pain and told him to keep going. We were both distracted by that point and not really in the mood. But he kept pumping away and he pulled out right before he came (and did it in his hand.) Still not ready for all of that inside of me…

Even though it wasn’t great, I think I pushed through it because of the blog. (You lucky readers.)

Well better luck next time.

Bobbi S. 


  1. I'm no expert here but I can relate to your post.
    After being married for more than 2 yrs and seen some ups and downs your last night is something normal every once in a while ,, especially with a one year old toddler.
    I don't know if it is true or not but when I got married I remember someone telling me that it makes a huge difference if he gets to finish inside ..
    I honestly tried both since we were trying to delay my pregnancy for a while ,, I find it more comforting if he finishes and stays inside. And to keep it going I am currently on the pill just to be on the safe side.
    Why don't you try something else for a change coz sometimes we get caught up in a comfort zone for sex and then it becomes a very boring process that you get little pleasure of ,, it might be because of your busy lives and/or other responsibilities.
    I don't like toys but I would suggest you both choosing a day when you can take enough time to have sex without the vibrator ,, we do it every Sat morning when our daughter is still in bed and we have the energy.
    We take our time trying to get each other to the right point without lube or anything (sometimes I'm not wet enough) ,, that helps make the whole thing more intimate and romantic.
    However sometimes it the same thing every time ,, I like missionary he likes doggy so we end up finishing me first and immediately turning for him to go which became boring after a while.
    We are currently trying other positions that work like me on top and turned on the side and the pleasure is different which gives us a good feeling afterwards.
    Honestly if it was up to me ,, I would tie his hands and take control and maybe use a whip but until now I haven't summed up my courage to do so

  2. Sarah, thanks so much for the advice! (and being my first comment!) This is exactly what I wanted this blog to do. Connect women who are going through similar experiences so we can support each other and share advice. My husband and I are going to take your advice tonight, no toys! As for him finishing inside, I'll try, but no promises. Check back tonight and I'll let you know how it was!

    Bobbi S.