Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pineapple Express

A real conversation we just had in bed....

Bobbi: I'm hungry, will you get me something?
Husband: What do you want?
Bobbi: I was thinking about opening that can of pineapple...
Husband: You don't want to do that now. It's too late.
Bobbi: Well you know what they say pineapple does to you!
Husband: Where's the can opener?

Thought I would post this convo before bed. No sex for us today, we were both just too busy and too tired.  We gotta get back on the wagon tomorrow! Cowgirl style? We both work late on Mondays so leave us some comments of encouragement.

Does pineapple really make it taste better? I'm not an experienced BJer, so we might have to do an experiment!

BS Out!

Bobbi S.


  1. Hahahaha! Go for it! Wonderful blog! Maybe you can get some ideas from some of my steamy stories!!!
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    Good luck, I will be a regular for sure!

  2. Favourite line - "We both work late on Mondays so leave us some comments of encouragement."

    Whoever thought blogging about a lack of sex could be so funny!

  3. The pineapple trick is DEFINITELY true. Proven. :)