Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Time

Good sex?  Great sex?  What does this mean?  This blog is a challenge for my husband and I to figure it out, try new things, and to have great sex.  As newlyweds, we still haven’t figured it out, like those movie stars portray in theaters and on TV… Movie star sex is when the woman has instant orgasms with her partner, after a rigorous romp, the woman still has every strand of hair in place and fresh makeup. Of course, this is after she has worked a 16-hour day and WANTS to have sex.  So, I’m blogging to shatter that idealistic image I have in my head and tell the truth about my sex life as a newlywed.  In no way am I a sex authority or my husband, but maybe this blog will help us feel more confident in the art of sex.  

This doesn't mean we have awful sex, we just aren't having as much as we think we should.  And, it takes more work than what we were originally led to believe.  Our normal sex routine consists of me having to masturbate to an orgasm so I am relaxed and wet enough for my husband to enter me.  I usually use a small vibrator on my clit as my husband strokes my lips and sometimes fingers me.  After I cum, he either goes inside either in a missionary position or me on top.  Snoozefest!  Even though I am on the pill, I am still afraid of getting pregnant, so I make my oh-so wonderful husband pull out each and EVERY time.   The mess that follows usually discourages cuddling.  

So, what's wrong with us?  We connect on every level and love each other very much, but when it comes to the bedroom, there's hardly any cumming at all. (P.S. Its only ever been in the bedroom.) But, I feel like it's so much work for us to get started that it's easier to not do it altogether.  Ugh! I hope that this blog will help us spice up our love life and make it easier and more fun to have sex.  

For my first assignment, we are off to have sex!  I will take notes and let you know how it is tomorrow! 

Bobbi S. 

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  1. i am so excited to find your blog i can relate to your situation and feels good to know i am not the only one who has to try!!...i hope this blog helps you both :)