Thursday, January 27, 2011

Batteries not included!

If you read yesterday’s post, you may have seen a comment (my first comment ever! YAY!) that challenged us to make time for sex without the vibrator! Now we’ve had sex before without a vibe, great sex I might add, but it is usually vacation sex or hotel sex, something like that. Recently we’ve used the vibrator as a way to speed things up and get me where I’m going a bit faster. When my husband and I read the comment this morning, we decided that we’d try it tonight. Dedicate the whole night to sex, no pressure to get anything else done.

I had a dentist’s appointment this afternoon, and when I got home I found out that my husband left work early to come home and clean the house and make dinner. AMAZING! So obviously, he was on the right track. We ate dinner had a glass of wine and made our way to the bedroom. And might I add how great it felt to have sex as my #1 priority. It really has never been, until I started writing this blog.

Anyway, we started making out and undressing each other as we got on the bed.  He slid my panties off and made his way down stairs. He started going down on me, licking my clit and rubbing my lips (that part drives me wild!) With a little direction he found the perfect spot! As he kept at it, I started rubbing myself just above my clit, faster and faster, until… the big one! HUGE! All Bobbi and the husband! Batteries not included!

So my husband slid inside with no problem! We started in a position that I think is called “the Cat,”(but I hope not…I’m allergic.) Then I got on top and rode him, whipping my hair in his face. Then I spun around for the reverse cowgirl at the recommendation of a friend, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would so I spun back around. That’s right, your little Bobbi pulled a complete 360, with nothing popping out! Watch out US Gymnastic Team! Then we rolled over and finished in the same position as we started. And guess what!?!? He finished inside me!!

I thought it was about time for me to pull off my big girl panties and let him do it! He deserved a reward for a job well done, plus I’ve been reading how much better it will feel for both of us. For me, it just felt warmer and it looked gross after I peed.  TMI? I know!  I’m pretty sure it was good for my husband, because he just laid on the bed trying to catch his breath, and said, “”Best sex EVER!” Go US!

So thanks to our first commenter! Her suggestions were VERY well received! It even sparked a discussion of “No Toy Thursday,” but “No Toy Tuesday” sounds better and won’t interfere with NBC’s Thursday night line up. 

Oh, and If you are reading this, and I know you are, will you please follow me? (I’m looking at you United Arab Emirates.) I want to read your blogs and here your comments. You never know, your suggestions might make it into my bedroom! Unless you’re creepy…

Bobbi S.


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  2. Hello again,
    I'm so glad it worked well for you yesterday. I don't have a blog at the moment but i was thinking starting a similar blog to yours for a while, (still hesitant, what do you think??)

    My issue is that my husband thinks we have a great sex life going on, however I sometimes don't.
    I feel that we need to put more effort into it especially while trying to juggle between our busy schedules and our baby.

    I would love to share and exchange opinions/ideas with someone who understands what I am saying.

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for the tips, last night was great! I totally think you should do your own blog! Just tell your husband it makes your sex life so much hotter knowing people are reading about it! If you want to start out as a "guest blogger" on my blog that would be really fun! Send me an email at and we'll chat about it!